Reject HBS Test Bags

Our red coloured HBS 'Reject' or 'Alarm' test bags are designed to be discovered. These bags are built to be detected by X-Ray systems whatever the bag orientation. Lead numbering systems, coupled with a specialist simulant, ensures that our bags are detected and rejected every time by a correctly calibrated X-Ray system. The lead numerals are duplicated in mirror image so as to display clearly to screening personnel irrespective of bag orientation, and are solidly fixed to a stable backing plate to ensure that they don’t work loose over time.

These test bags are designed to work with all airport X-Ray scanners including the new generation ECAC Standard 3 and TSA certified machines. We refine the design to keep up with the newer smarter breed of X-Ray systems as they are introduced. We do this by building in simulants and other features that test X-Ray scanner integrity and safety protocols. Our aim is to ensure that our test pieces are reliable every time.


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Developing a future-proof logistics operation

Developing a future-proof logistics operation




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