Clear HBS Test Bags

These green coloured test bags have the opposite function to the ‘Reject’ or ‘Alarm’ bags and are guaranteed to be free of all items that could trigger an HBS alarm. These ‘Clear’ bags are normally mixed in with the red ‘Alarm’ bags prior to screening, and if the system is functioning correctly, the red and green bags will be separated with the red bags being diverted for ‘Level 4’ screening whilst the green will be clear for baggage sorting in the normal way.

Both the ‘Reject’ and ‘Clear’ HBS hard-shell bags are made from virtually indestructible polypropylene. They are designed to be easy to handle and are of a size and weight that can easily be lifted on and off a conveyor line. They feature four multi-directional wheels (360 degrees) for optimum manoeuvrability and feature carrying handles and a trolley system.


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Developing a future-proof logistics operation

Developing a future-proof logistics operation




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