We have developed our range of Test Baggage for use in airport Baggage Handling System (BHS), specialised Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) and Explosive Detection System (EDS) trials.


Our test bags are specially selected and equipped to sustain the technical and physical demands of the most intensive baggage security test programmes.

Reject HBS Test Bags

Reject HBS Test Bags

Our red coloured HBS 'Reject' or 'Alarm' test bags are designed to be discovered.

Volume Test Bags

Volume Test Bags

Our zippered soft cases are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of conveyor and sortation systems.

Level 4 HBS Test Bags

Level 4 HBS Test Bags

Our yellow super-ruggedised 'Level 4' test bag is guaranteed to be rejected 100% of the time by validated new generation Standard 3 machines.

Low-Cost Volume Test Items

Low-Cost Volume Test Items

We offer a range of volume test baggage that incorporates ridged 3 ply cardboard boxes. This is intended for customers who are planning...

Clear HBS Test Bags

Clear HBS Test Bags

These green coloured test bags have the opposite function to the ‘Reject’ or ‘Alarm’ bags...

Out of Gauge (OOG) Test Items

Out of Gauge (OOG) Test Items

Out of Gauge items represent the diversity of odd sized non-standard items that passengers’ often want to check-in to their flights.

Super-Ruggedised HBS Test Bags

Super-Ruggedised HBS Test Bags

The CHS Super Ruggedised HBS Test Bag range consists of a super strong PeliTM case providing a “bag for life” to withstand the toughest testing and continuous use...




High visibility abrasion resistant labels with three or four way identification numbering on the front and back faces of the test bags.


Flame retardant filling that can be made up to weights between 2kg and 32kg.

Security Tags

Test bags are sealed with tamper resistant wire security seals carrying a unique identification number.

Delivering successful Baggage Handling S



Delivering successful Baggage Handling

Systems for the modern airport


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We offer expert consultancy services to several businesses and organisations. We can provide advice on Design Specification (BHS/HBS upgrade, MHS) and can offer Technical Design Review. Our consultancy specialisms also include, but are not limited to, Engineering Solutions, Project Management Support, Electrical Power Consulting, Master Planning and System Optimization Study, even on customer sensitive equipment. As qualified professionals, we can offer training on all of the services we provide. You can find out more information on our consultancy services and how they can support your business.



CHS is using the internet of things (IoT) and cloud technology to analyse baggage handling systems in some of the UK’s busiest airports. Our smart, wireless ‘Foundations Connect’ technology can also help several manufacturing and logistics companies by monitoring every single piece of mechanical hardware for potential faults, before they impact operation. ‘Foundations Connect’ can monitor assets in real time, with the capability to remotely record changes in vibration, temperature and humidity, along with over 70 other sensor types, sending alert notifications to provide businesses with critical information on their asset performance and early warning of failure.