We help you to achieve optimum system effectiveness whilst keeping maintenance and lifecycle costs in check.


Our expert technicians can offer a range of technical services to combat unexpected issues and deliver technical objectives. Our technical services include test witnessing, where specialist technicians are provided to witness system testing against test scripts and provide a full summary report that details pass and fail results.


CCTV/GOPRO monitoring is offered through our Engineering Services. We can install cameras to monitor problem areas in the system. Our system experts will then review the footage and consolidate findings into a detailed report, supplying recommendations for improvement.  

Our skilled professionals can perform asset health checks through thermal and visual inspections and can collect data to provide system concise system health scores and findings reports. 

Our condition monitoring includes regular surveys using thermal and visual inspection delivered as individual fault reports. We can perform minor remedial works such as replacing screws, voltage labels and blanking plates. 


Our professional technical services can greatly benefit your business as we are efficiently able to identify assets at high-risk of failure. Through asset health checks, we can provide information that will assist in understanding the effectiveness of maintenance regimes and our condition monitoring services can reduce failure and fire risks. Our qualified technicians can identify system faults and probability and increase maintenance effectiveness.

Our extensive technical services can be a vital tool for your business maintenance management, ensuring your assets are not only more energy efficient but also providing an increased asset lifecycle, therefore offering fast ROI.  


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We offer expert consultancy services to several businesses and organisations. We can provide advice on Design Specification (BHS/HBS upgrade, MHS) and can offer Technical Design Review. Our consultancy specialisms also include, but are not limited to, Engineering Solutions, Project Management Support, Electrical Power Consulting, Master Planning and System Optimization Study, even on customer sensitive equipment. As qualified professionals, we can offer training on all of the services we provide. You can find out more information on our consultancy services and how they can support your business.



CHS is using the internet of things (IoT) and cloud technology to analyse baggage handling systems in some of the UK’s busiest airports. Our smart, wireless ‘Foundations Connect’ technology can also help several manufacturing and logistics companies by monitoring every single piece of mechanical hardware for potential faults, before they impact operation. ‘Foundations Connect’ can monitor assets in real time, with the capability to remotely record changes in vibration, temperature and humidity, along with over 70 other sensor types, sending alert notifications to provide businesses with critical information on their asset performance and early warning of failure.