CHS Engineering Services provide services, goods and products to a range of businesses and organisations within a vast range of industries.


Our team of skilled and qualified professionals are able to provide consultancy and technical services to many industries. Find out more about the specialist sectors we work within and how we can support each business, individually. 


CHS is most recognised for the work we do within the Aviation sector. We have provided major airports such as Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport with consultancy services, alongside our remote monitoring technology, technical services, and test baggage. We work with several other airports such as Newcastle International Airport, London Stansted and even Sydney Airport, to closely monitor their assets and help them efficiently identify pre-emptive warning of failure, as well as providing operational assurance when all is running well.


IoT (Internet of things) technology is revolutionising the way enterprises and businesses operate across the globe. CHS can assist Logistics firms and corporations with our technical services and remote monitoring technology to analyse asset performance and operation efficiency. In doing so, we are able to reduce unplanned machinery downtime and provide cost-saving solutions to our clients. We have provided services to several businesses in the Logistics sector, including DHL, FedEx, Yodel and Amazon.


CHS is able to offer invaluable benefits to the Retail sector and provide services for companies such as popular fashion retailer, NewLook. We offer consultancy services to our retail clients, and can assist with inspection and audit services. We can provide clients with our innovative, wireless remote monitoring system and our general technical services, providing in-depth analytical information to assist retail businesses maintain smooth-running productivity. We work closely with retailers to identify and offer solutions for potential and existing faults and help to improve and maintain quality.


CHS is proud to have provided our services to large manufacturing brands such as Dunlop, Kenwood DeLonghi and Mars. Key services we can provide to businesses within the manufacturing industry include the implementation of our remote monitoring technology and our professional consultancy services. Our experienced team can provide an end-to-end or single service, helping manufacturing businesses get what they need and more from systems, suppliers and everything in-between. Find out more about how we support the manufacturing industry.


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