We work closely with retailers to identify and offer solutions for potential and existing faults and help to improve and maintain quality.


CHS provide invaluable benefits to the Retail sector, specialising in highlighting electrical faults to significantly reduce the risk to health and safety. 


Our services to retail include but are not limited to, highlighting electrical faults to prevent fires and reduce overall risk to health and safety.  Fire evacuations within airports or shopping centres can not only result in significant money losses through flight delays and loss of trade but can have a negative effect on the reputation of an organisation. As specialists in preventing fire and health and safety risks, we can support retailers by providing health and safety audits and assisting with the following: fire compartmentation, ceiling voids, emergency escape lighting, fire points, electrical wiring and certification.


Our inspection and audit services have reduced fire incidents by as much as 94%. A safety notice process ensures that issues are speedily highlighted, categorised and resolved.


We are professionals that can provide expert information and assistance. We offer a range of services including various types of audits and training. 

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Our remote monitoring technology can effectively identify potential faults and threats and send alerts and notifications of pre-emptive warning, before they impact operation.

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Our Engineers can offer a whole range of technical services, including asset health checks and test witnessing, to combat unexpected issues and deliver technical objectives.


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London Gatwick Airport uses Electrical Health and Safety Audits to safeguard retail and catering units.

Due to several factors, including poor maintenance, usage of copy parts and not keeping to Gatwick Airport installation requirements, there is a high risk of fire and electrical shock in Terminal retail premises. In this instance, the role of CHS is to carry out six-monthly electrical and health and safety inspections on retail and catering units, reporting on faults to unit holders for rectification.


Air Partner CHS is proud to have worked with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands and corporations both in the United Kingdom and globally. 

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