The pressure on logistics hubs is higher than ever

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The pressure on logistics hubs is higher than ever – customer expectations of reliable delivery place a massive emphasis on the logistics hub being ready to deliver a fast and efficient service.

Constant reactive and preventative maintenance of systems that are in ever increasing use processing greater volumes as greater speeds is common place – failure is not an option!

Using the Internet of Things (a way of connecting machines to the internet), Air Partner CHS has a system that is a quick and easy way of monitoring your assets, providing early indication and warning of failure.

Using sensors to measure the tried and tested indicators of; temperature, humidity and vibration, the CHS Foundations Connect hub makes these parameters available to monitor via the internet, providing a clear ‘dashboard’ status of assets whilst continual cloud analysis monitors and alerts based on trends that indicate possible future failures through the dashboard, SMS and Email.


Developing a future-proof logistics operation

Developing a future-proof logistics operation




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