See how we’re helping keep Stansted moving…

Being a Sliver Sponsor of the AOA (Airport Operators Association), we were invited to create another short film to show how we’re making a difference at the airports we work with.

With a camera man and reporter from ITN Productions we headed to London Stansted Airport to film in the baggage system and newly refurbished Terminal. We held an interview with Richard Fish Engineering Operation Manager, London Stansted Airport who spoke about the positive effect our condition based monitoring services are having on their baggage system; turning it from a run to fail environment, into to a controlled, planned environment, and ultimately ensuring their systems run efficiently when they are needed to run.

We also spoke to Andy Yeoman from Concirrus, who are one of the leading players in the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution. He discussed how spotting faults earlier by using our remote monitoring solution, allows airports to deliver a better customer experience at a lower cost, resulting in happier customers.

Debbie Smith our Audit and Inspection Co-ordinator, discussed the hazards that our teams would look out for in retail and catering units during Health & Safety Inspections in the terminal. She commented on another London airport suffered major disruptions following a fire in a restaurant, highlighting that minimising risk at the airport is absolutely vital.

We also addressed the Next Generation ECAC Standard 3 hold baggage screening requirements that need to be met in the UK by 2018, and ultimately how our services help keep Stansted Airport moving.

Our film was aired at the AOA Conference and Exhibition on 23rd and 24th November, and will be coming soon to our website.