Gatwick Airport choose specialist Air Partner CHS Test Baggage to test their Baggage Handling System

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Changes in European Standards for screening hold luggage has meant that Gatwick Airport Ltd have upgraded the way your checked-in baggage is handled throughout the airport. To test and ensure that in the new system a bag’s journey from check-in to aircraft hold is predictable, trouble-free and ultimately that passengers are safe, Gatwick Airport have purchased 316 pieces of Specialist Test Baggage from Air Partner CHS.

The Test Baggage will be used to ensure that the handling network and incorporated machines are functioning correctly, and that bags are processed and routed correctly by the system. This can be done by carrying out one or a series of tests that includes various baggage types including out-of-gauge items such as child seats, skis and golf clubs.

The specially designed Test Baggage include features such as; high quality polypropylene cases, customized labels with a unique identifier number, RFID tags, internal number boards, flame retardant fillings and anti-tamper security tags, all assembled in compliance with ISO9001 standards making Air Partner CHS the leading global supplier for Test Baggage.