Air Partner CHS releases Foundations Cloud services update for a faster more reliable global service

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The major platform update launching this week, will be the first update to Foundations Cloud services of 2017. The update will provide vastly improved regional service for key regions, with new Azure infrastructure in London, Asia and Australia for a faster more reliable global service. 

Moving services close to key deployment regions and clients will provide a local, faster, more robust service, and increases our previous infrastructure in terms of servers, resources and capacity available to Foundations services and its users by nearly 300%. 

To perform this major update, some maintenance time is required where services won’t be accessible for a short period. This is scheduled to take place on 01/02/2017 from 10am to 3pm GMT.

Following the update, you'll see a new look landing page which allows you to select services closest to you. Once you've selected your area you'll be directed to the local services in that region, where you can switch regions at any time by selecting a new region on the menu below the login box.

The team have re-imagined how key components of the behind the services function, and optimised many sections and functions to provide a better user experience. It doesn't end there, they'll be continuing to improve and innovate over the coming year.

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