Air Partner CHS develops its first mobile remote monitoring kit.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Using its Foundations® Connect technology Air Partner CHS has developed its very first mobile remote monitoring kit which will be used to monitor airport baggage staffs’ working environment to protect their health and wellbeing.

The kit houses the Foundations® Connect hub and 4 sensors including, temperature and humidity, which can take readings every 5 to 15 minutes enabling managers to monitor the working environment during hot and cold periods in real time. The data will be used to inform decisions such as where to install cooling and heating equipment exactly where it is needed to ensure the working environment complies with regulation and employees are comfortable.

The kit has been designed to be easily disconnected and moved to a different location by the user - removing the cost for installation and removal - and gives the client flexibility to quickly gather data on multiple potentially troublesome areas or equipment.

Using different combinations of sensors, the kit can be used for all types of ad hoc monitoring of equipment or areas where there isn’t a permanent Foundations® Connect installation. For example, using vibrations sensors, maintenance staff can see straight away if work carried out on bearings or carousels has been effective by viewing the data in the online Foundations® Connect software, reducing the need to re-visit the equipment.  

The kit is to be developed further to be compatible with new Foundations® Connect Gateway 3 hub enabling increased sensor capacity - up to 12 sensors - and improved overall performance.