We have provided services to several companies in the Logistics sector, including DHL, FedEx, Yodel and Amazon. Discover how our services can support your business too.


We use an effective combination of expert consultancy, technical services and our modern remote monitoring technology to support the Logistics industry. 


We can ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently by providing a service that can not only monitor for and identify potential machinery faults but provide essential information for repair. 
We understand the detrimental effects of unplanned downtime and can supply businesses with our innovative Foundations Connect technology to help ensure failure is prevented and operations, uninterrupted. We can provide expert technical services, from asset health checks to condition monitoring and electrical works. 

We support the Logistics industry by providing professional consultancy services and can offer training in all aspects. To date, we have provided cost-saving solutions to many Logistics clients, including DHL and FedEx.   


We are professionals that can provide expert information and assistance. We offer a range of services including various types of audits and training. 

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Our remote monitoring technology can effectively identify potential faults and threats and send alerts and notifications of pre-emptive warning, before they impact operation.

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Our Technicians can offer a whole range of technical services, including asset health checks and test witnessing, to combat unexpected issues and deliver technical objectives.


Air Partner CHS is proud to have worked with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands and corporations both in the United Kingdom and globally. 


Accredited - November 2011

Accredited - December 2017

Member Since March 2016

Turning our business' vehicle fleet CO2 emissions into new British woodlands since January 2015


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Developing a future-proof logistics operation

Developing a future-proof logistics operation




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