London Gatwick Airport uses Electrical Health and Safety Audits to safeguard retail and catering units.

Due to several factors, including poor maintenance, usage of copy parts and not keeping to Gatwick Airport installation requirements, there is a high risk of fire and electrical shock in Terminal retail premises. In this instance, the role of CHS is to carry out six-monthly electrical and health and safety inspections on retail and catering units, reporting on faults to unit holders for rectification.

The services provided include: Legislative paperwork audits, investigative incident reporting, snagging and monthly management reports. Using a custom audit schedule for Gatwick, six-monthly and pre-trade audits, we can identify poor practice and where prohibited or copy components are used on maintenance. We can also identify component break down, alongside where unit installations are not to BS and Gatwick legislation. Year on year, we analyse audit results, helping to reduce faults such as high dust levels and all high-risk faults are reduced through support with PPM legislation requirements.

Our services mean that London Gatwick Airport can be assured that fire, electrical and health and safety risks within retail premises are being continually monitored and controlled. We provide a tailored service schedule to accommodate airport requirements and needs.

The Electrical Health & Safety Audits from CHS help us keep a close eye on safety in the Terminal.

James Gascoine, Head of Retail Development & Delivery, London Gatwick Airport


Developing a future-proof logistics operation

Developing a future-proof logistics operation




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