Dublin test bag rental for Brock Solutions

Dublin test bag rental for Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions were working on a baggage handling solution at Dublin Airport and called in support from CHS Engineering Services Ltd. They required test bags from CHS to ensure that all aspects of newly installed sort control system, met the Dublin functional requirements, before handover to Airport operations.

Project Manager of Brock Solutions, Kristof Dorgai, explains the work and services provided to them by CHS: “The need for Baggage testing is often not considered until the last minute, but we chose to factor it in early to avoid any unnecessary delays. We worked closely with Test Bag Specialist CHS Engineering Services and chose to rent in the specific test bags that we needed for this project.

CHS worked constructively with us to deliver a variety of bags including Specialist HBS/EDS “Reject Bags”, Volume Test Bags, as well as OOG Items. They assisted us by delivering in the middle of the night to avoid disruption and then collected the bags again a month later in the early hours of the morning when we were finished testing. The process was not without its challenges; however, I am very pleased with the 24x7 support provided by CHS.”

“Many airports and system Integrators only have short-term test bag requirements coupled with an acute shortage of storage space. The rental of test bags means that long-term bag storage is eliminated, and the cost of testing is reduced. It was a pleasure doing business with Brock Solutions. They had a clear idea of what they needed, and we were able to come up with an appropriate and cost-effective package for them. We are delighted that the Dublin project went well!”

Peter Mutton, of CHS Engineering Services Ltd