CHS provide independent Quality Assurance services during all phases of large or small material handling infrastructure projects.

Much of this work is to ensure that the standards agreed during the design phase are adhered to during the build and installation phases of the project.

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Installation Benchmarking

We assure the Quality of Mechanical / Electrical Installation and its compliance with Design Specification and Standards.

System Testing

CHS provide technical due diligence services to witness and verify compliance of all elements of the system testing and commissioning process. This covers all mechanical, electrical, low level and the high level control functions of the system.

  • Review of required Testing Criteria
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)
  • System Performance Tests
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SATs)
  • System Reliability Tests
  • System Confidence Trials

Quality Inspections

Construction Reviews and Inspections are carried out during the installation phase to ensure there is no deviation from previously approved Benchmarks. We develop and issue Quality Alerts to ensure installation standards and prevent known issues from past project experience.

Performance Analysis

Once the system has entered operational use, CHS provide on-going performance monitoring and analysis. If at this stage the systems are failing to deliver to the design standards, CHS offer advice on problem resolution.

Services include:

  • Daily analysis of operational issues including downtime and faults
  • Monitoring operator intervention
  • Analysis of SCADA/MIS data to extract operational statistics
  • Root cause analysis of any faults identified

Other Services