We have developed our range of Test Baggage for use in airport Baggage Handling System (BHS), specialised Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) and Explosive Detection System (EDS) trials.

Our test bags are specially selected and equipped to sustain the technical and physical demands of your baggage systems and intensive baggage security test programs.

Features Include:

  • Rugged and durable baggage that includes designs representing all luggage varieties
  • A variety of IATA specified sizes  and weights that replicate typical passenger luggage types
  • Provision of X-Ray simulants’ that guarantee 100% X-Ray rejection rates
  • Incorporation of lead numbers to aid X-Ray identification during screening
  • Embedded RFiD tags that can be used as part of an automated test bag tracking system to ensure 100% identification when used with the CHS RFiD Detection and Monitoring system
  • Clearly marked external numbering sequences that correlates with the internal lead numbering and optional RFiD transponder tags
  • Filling materials made up to agreed weights to represent a range of typical passenger bags
  • All filling materials are contained in fire suppressant bags

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The CHS test bag range incorporates Large, Medium and Small bags in both hard shell and soft shell ranges. Additional 'Out of Gauge' items are also available to represent the wide diversity of items that passengers check-in to passenger flights.

Fail Safe X-Ray Detection

Our HBS 'Reject' test bags are designed to be discovered. These bags are designed to be detected by X-Ray systems whatever the bag orientation.  Lead numbering systems coupled with a specialsit simulant ensures that our bags are detected and rejected every time by correctly calibrated X-Ray systems.

The bags are designed to work with all airport X-Ray scanners including the new generation ECAC Standard 3 and TSA certified machines. We refine the design to keep up with the newer smarter breed of X-Ray systems as they are introduced by building in simulants and other features to test X-Ray integrity and failsafe protocols. Our aim is to ensure that the test piece is reliable every time.

We also produce a ruggedised 'Level 4' test bag that is guaranteed to be rejected 100% of the time by the new Standard 3 machines.

Hard Shell

The CHS Hard Shell range is of plastic construction and allows the shell to absorb impact by 'flexing' when under heavy stress. We use designs where the shell will not permanently deform when under pressure but instead will 'pop' back up into its original shape. External handles and built in wheels are provided for easy airside handling and marshalling.

Soft Cases

Our zippered soft cases are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of conveyor and sortation systems. These HBS test bags are finished in a variety of colours and constructed from a tough 300 denier polyester fabric.

IATA Range

The CHS IATA range of HBS test bags represents the diversity of bags that can be anticipated at airport check-in desks and includes items such as sporting equipment, briefcases, rucksacks, military bags as well as baby seats and prams. These items can be supplied with IATA classification tags that include dimensional information, serial number, weight and identification bar-coding.


Each test bag can be supplied with a four way numbering and identification protocol:

  • High visibility abrasion resistant labels with identification numbering on the front and back faces of the HBS test bags.
  • The label number is replicated twice in large lead numbers within the bag so that the identification can be clearly seen by the baggage screening operative on their X-Ray displays. The correct numerals will be seen on the display irrespective of bag orientation. These lead features are solidly fixed to a stable backing plate to ensure that they don’t work loose over time.
  • Individually unique bar-codes for automatic bag identification can be supplied on the labels as required.
  • Optional RFiD identification allowing the bags to be used within a CHS AutoRFiD identification test setup. The CHS AutoRFiD technology delivers a 100% success rate in identifying passing bags whatever their size, orientation or position on the conveyor.

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