Following Operational Assurance, when systems are handed over to maintenance, CHS provide Condition Monitoring to assure system health and more effective proactive and predictive maintenance.

The service provided includes extensive and regular collection of asset condition data, statistical analysis, data trending and the provision of reports to interpret the results.

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Thermal Imaging is a powerful tool in the CHS kit bag of technologies. Our expert team use this equipment to highlight faults that would be virtually impossible to detect by other means.

Expert interpretation of images leads to invaluable information being provided to Maintenance teams.



Data can be remotely collected and transmitted from multiple sources through a proven formulation our CHS Foundations®  platform in the cloud.

Where applicable, manual surveys provide an efficient combination of visual inspection and data recording.


The data obtained is processed through our award winning CHS Foundations® framework system to identify components evoking warnings at different levels of urgency.

We produce reports that are specifically designed to rapidly identify faults and their current status. As part of this service, we assist clients with their strategy, organisation and process.



Vibration analysis is another technique that we use for Condition Monitoring. Vibration analysis is an option for certain types of condition monitoring. It can be used as an analytical tool and also for giving early warning of bearing and mechanical malfunction.

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