CHS has a proven experience of managing assets. CHS adopt a partnership approach, working alongside the client to implement sustainable strategies for improvement.

CHS provides a comprehensive range of customer services that increase asset efficiency and reduce costs including:

  • Routine Auditing of Assets through Data Collection and Non-Invasive Condition Monitoring
  • Condition Reports and Management Information Dashboards
  • Fault Analysis and Root Cause Analysis based on Maintenance and Condition Information
  • Stores Management and Logistics Services

The use of Condition Monitoring in preparing an Asset Condition Report facilitates, benchmarking and a comprehensive overview of system health.

We also provide in depth analysis for prolongation of system operational life, identifying; life expectancy of the asset, availability of spare parts, obsolete parts and their recommended replacements.

Where assets have reached the end of their useful operational life we advise on replacement equipment using CHS Foundations® integrity scoring to prove performance requirements.

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With 25 years of historical data and expertise in the industry, we are able to benchmark your assets and system performance.

CHS maintains a vast database of asset information, and have accumulated years of practical experience. Having established industry norms, we can advise on all aspects of system performance.

System Performance & Maintenance Analysis

  • Reviewing Asset Information
  • System health (fit for purpose) and improvement process
  • Maintenance Strategy, Organisation and Processes
  • Availability (operational readiness)

Spares Analysis

  • Analysing total Spares Spend
  • Investigating the costs of spare parts (procurement method)
  • Quality of spares (life cycle)
  • Quantity of spares used
  • Availability (delivery time / stock control)
  • Shelf to Screen Accuracy (stores management)
  • Obsolescence and redundancy

Other Services