Specialist Test Bags for proving system at major UK airport Terminal 1

30 May 2018

Project title

50 Reject Test Bags


BEUMER Group UK Limited - Airport Division


"These bags are strong, easy to move about, great for stacking and storage and resilient in use. Perfect for what we need.”

Paul Gray, Electrical Site Supervisor, BEUMER Group UK Limited - Airport Division


The Brief

BEUMER Group are a preferred supplier to a major UK airport for Baggage Systems. BEUMER required test bags to prove the function of new X-ray systems at this major airport.

Our Role

Provide 50 “Reject” Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) Test Bags

Services Provided

Specialist HBS Test Baggage | Accommodating Tight Project Timescales

Our Solution

Using 50 Reject HBS Test Bags, BEUMER were able to run validation tests on the newly installed HBS machines at Terminal 1 to prove the machines and associated systems are functioning correctly. Reject Test Bags contain an explosive simulant designed to trigger an alarm condition on the screening machines, specially designed lead numbers inside the bags make them easily identifiable when screened.


BEUMER were able to prove to their client that the system displayed all threats and segregated the threat bags as it was designed to do.