Early warning preventing critical breakdown at Newcastle International Airport

07 June 2017


Newcastle International Airport

Installation Setup:

Multiple Vibration & Temperature Sensing

Monitoring Assets:

Critical Reclaim Carousel


"The benefit of Remote Monitoring is clear for all to see"

Stephen Barnard -  Project Manager, Newcastle International Airport



With critical front of house reclaim carousels, failure of these assets compounds challenges for Newcastle International. A failure during live operation would lead to longer wait times for passenger baggage, over-crowding and poor customer experience.


Foundations Connect was installed to monitor key component performance with vibration and temperature monitoring sensors. With cloud analytics, this allowed for real time monitoring of critical reclaim assets with Email and SMS warning notifications to engineering teams.


Upon installation, worn wheels affecting the caterpillar chain as well as damaging the rails were detected.

Early and preventative steps were then taken averting failure during live operation.